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Exchange Programme (Students)

Qian Kemao
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-09
Phone: 67906648
Email: mkmqian{at}

Notice for students:

  1. Please note that you MUST fulfil the pre-requisites for the courses of which the credits are to be transferred back from your Exchange programme.
  2. CE/CZ3004 Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP) MUST be taken in NTU.


Course matching coordinators​ Subjects in charge​
A: Foundational

Anwitaman Datta
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-18
Phone: 67904855
Email: anwitaman{at}

MH1812 Discrete Mathematics
CE1003/CZ1003 Introduction to Computational Thinking
CE1011/CZ1011 Engineering Mathematics I
CE1012/CZ1012 Engineering Mathematics II

B: Comp Science Core

Huang Shell Ying
Senior Lecturer
Office: N4-02b-38
Phone: 67904932
Email: assyhuang{at}

CE1007/CZ1007 Data Structures
CE2001/CZ2001 Algorithms
CE2005/CZ2005 Operating Systems
CZ3007 Compiler Techniques
CE4016/CZ4016 Advanced Topics in Algorithms
RE2006 – Engineering Computation

C: Software Engineering

Miao Chunyan
Office: N4-02c-99
Phone: 67906197
Email: ascymiao{at}

CE2002/CZ2002 Object Oriented Design & Programming
CE2006/CZ2006 Software Engineering
CZ2004 Human Computer Interaction
CZ3003 Software Systems Analysis and Design
CZ3002 Advanced Software Engineering

D: Networks and Communication

AS Madhukumar
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-13
Phone: 67906272
Email: asmadhukumar{at}

CE3005 Computer Networks
CE3006 Digital Communications
CE4021/CZ4021 Pervasive Networks
CE4022/CZ4022 Personal Mobile Networks
CE4023/CZ4023 Advanced Computer Networks
CE4024/CZ4024 Cryptography and Network Security

E: Parallel Distributed Systems

Sun Chengzheng
Office: N4-02b-56
Phone: 67904772
Email: CZSun{at}

CE3001/CZ3001- Advanced Computer Architecture
CZ3006 Net Centric Computing
CE4011/CZ4011 - Parallel Computing
CE4013/CZ4013 - Distributed Systems
CE4015/CZ4015 Simulation & Modelling

F: Digital Systems

Douglas Leslie Maskell

Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02c-98
Phone: 67906259
Email: ASDouglas{at}

CE1005/CZ1005 Digital Logic
CE1006/CZ1006 Computer Organisation
CE2003 Digital Systems Design
CE2007 Microprocessor-based Systems Design
CE3003 Microcontroller Programming

G: Graphics and Media

Alexei Sourin
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-10
Phone: 67904292
Email: assourin{at}

CZ2003 Computer Graphics & Visualization
CE3007 Digital Signal Processing
CE4001/CZ4001 Virtual and Augmented Reality
CE4002/CZ4002 Visual Media Compression and Processing
CE4003/CZ4003 Computer Vision
CE4004/CZ4004 3D Modelling and Animation

H: Data Science and Analytics

Kwoh Chee Keong
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02c-74
Phone: 6790 6057
Email: ASCKKWOH{at}

CZ2007 Introduction to Databases
CE4031/CZ4031 Database System Principles
CE4032/CZ4032 Data Analytics and Mining
CE4034/CZ4034 Information Retrieval
CE4041/CZ4041 Machine Learning
CE4071/CZ4071 Network Science
CE4072/CZ4072 Big Data Management (no offer yet)
CE4073/CZ4073 Data Science for Business

I: Computational Intelligence

Zhang Jie
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02c-100
Phone: 67906245
Email: ZhangJ{at}

CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence
CE4042/CZ4042 Neural Networks
CE4045/CZ4045 Natural Language Processing
CE4046/CZ4046 Intelligent Agents

J: Cyber Physical Systems

Arvind Easwaran
Asst Professor
Office: N4-02a-27a
Phone: 6790 4596
Email: arvinde{at}

CE2004 Circuits and Signal Analysis
CE3002 Sensors, Interfacing & Control
CE4053 Embedded Operating Systems (Last round in AY17/18 S2)
CE4055/CZ4055 Cyber Physical System Security

Coming in AY18/19
CExxxx Cyber Physical System Design
CXxxxx Cyber-Physical Software Development
CXxxxx Time-Critical Computing

​K: Information and Cyber Security
Lam Kwok Yan
Office: N4-02a-02
Phone: 67905925

CE4062/CZ4062 Computer Security (System Security)
CE4064/CZ4064 Security Management
CE4065/CZ4065 Digital Forensics
CE4068/CZ4068 Application Security (new course)
CE4067/CZ4067 Software Security (new course)

UE: General Electives

Jagath C Rajapakse
Office: N4-02a-06
Phone: 6790 5802
Email: ASJagath{at}

CE0001/CZ0001 Engineers and Society
CE8002 Getting What You Want With Negotiation (Special Term 1)
CE9010 Introduction to Data Science (new course)


Graduate Level Subjects

Course Coordinator
Adams Kong CE7xxx series
Program Director: Lin Feng MSc (DMT)
Program Director: Douglas Maskell MSc (ES)
Program Director: Ng Wee Keong MSc (IS)