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SCSE Dinner & Dance 2016

Published on: 11-Nov-2016

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) annual Dinner & Dance (D & D) 2016 was hosted at the Carlton Hotel, on 9 September 2016 with a total of 150 attendees. It is a platform to encourage interaction among SCSE students and staff.

SCSE Associate Chair (Students), Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai graced the event and highlight of the event was the pageant contest, where the SCSE King and Queen of the academic year 2016/17 were crowned. There are additional two pairs of titles that were conferred in this year’s D & D - Mr/Ms Envy and Mr/Ms Sunshine. The pageant contestants performed a total of 6 segments, including Guys' Dance, Girl's Dance and the Pageant Segment. Each of the male pageant contestant is paired with another female pageant contestant and each of the pairs would have to choreograph a two to three minutes of performance; consisting of pageant walks, individual poses, couple poses and a dance.

The winners of the pageant contest are as follow:

SCSE King & Mr Envy: Mr Lim Hong Rui (CS Year 1)
SCSE Queen: Janice Chan Rui En (BCG Year 1)

SCSE Prince: Ashley How Jun Zheng (BCG Year 1)
SCSE Princess & Ms Envy: Chen Jing(BCG Year 1)

SCSE Mr Popular: Ng Jing Heng (BCG Year 1))
SCSE Ms Popular & Ms Sunshine: Kim Mong Qi Yvette (CS Year 1)
SCSE Mr Sunshine: Ang Qi Xuan (BCE Year 1)

To encourage attendees and their effort to dress according to theme of the night, the best dressed winners were conferred the title – SCSE Mr/Ms Best Dressed 2016. The winners of the contest are as follow:

SCSE Mr Best Dressed 2016: Thum Mun Jun (CS Year 3)
SCSE Ms Best Dressed 2016: Ng Shinyi (CS Year 1)

The dinner was a memorable night with the pageant contestants’ breathtaking performances, the wonderful food and the great company.


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