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HouseTrac: A premiere flagship product developed by 4 SCSE undergraduates

Published on: 28-Sep-2017

HouseTrac is the premiere flagship product of GenyTek Pte. Ltd, currently co-led by 4 Computer Science undergraduates, Hang Zhi Cheng, Chan Jun Yan, Loo Hong Chai and Tan Peng Hian, Year 4 students studying at Nanyang Technological University in the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

According to Ministry of Manpower’s regulations, companies are responsible to ensure that their foreign workers are staying in proper housing conditions on a regular basis. Companies that are caught with workers staying in poor housing conditions will be charged with fines, and for subsequent offences, be revoked of their license to hire foreign workers in the future. On the other hand, the problem for companies is that it is very costly, in terms of time and resources to conduct regular housing inspections with all their foreign workers, more so for large corporations with thousands of foreign workers.

HouseTrac providing a solution to address these issues by digitizing the housing inspection process. Companies who subscribe to HouseTrac are provided with access to their own administrative portal, which allows them to send digital housing inspection notices to each of their foreign workers. The foreign workers, upon receiving the notice, will only be required to answer a few questions and upload the photos showing their accommodation conditions, all of which are done through the HouseTrac application.To ensure the authenticity of the photos taken by the workers, HouseTra utilizes the GPS data captured from the mobile device itself.

To ensure the compliance of HouseTrac to the requirements as set by Ministry of Manpower, the application was developed in consultation with the Ministry of Manpower Housing Inspectorate team.

HouseTrac premiered on August 2016 and is currently providing its services to companies from various industries, managing thousands of foreign workers on a monthly basis. The team continues to source for more clients whilst working to improve on the HouseTrac system.

The team is also currently working in partnership with Ministry of Manpower to develop a new mobile application named PeopleGo.

PeopleGo is a Mobile Virtual Community Touchpoint for migrant workers in Singapore. This mobile application aims to promote communications between the Ministry, workers and the employers. With the PeopleGo mobile application, migrant workers in Singapore will have access to the latest news and happenings in Singapore, online e-Courses and Up-Skilling contents, hence a complete integrated social media platform and useful e-Services at their fingertips.


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