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SCSE Student Competition – 2019 Student Cluster Competition (SCC)

Published on: 06-Dec-2019

Congratulations to the Team Supernova and team advisor, Assoc Prof Lee Bu Sung Francis; co-advisor Mr Lim Siyuan for winning both the Linpack and HPCG category and achieving 4th overall position at the 2019 Student Cluster Competition (SCC), in Denver, Colorado, USA.

For 3 years in a row, the school has successfully produced teams to compete at the very top of the league in student cluster competition against some of the top universities with a history of High Performance Computing (HPC). The team has consistently done well winning overall in 2017, Highest Linpack award in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and also HPCG in 2019.

The Student Cluster Competition is an HPC multi-disciplinary experience integrated within the HPC community's biggest gathering, the Supercomputing Conference. The competition is a microcosm of a modern HPC center that teaches and inspires students to pursue careers in the field. It demonstrates the breadth of skills, technologies and science that it takes to build, maintain and utilize supercomputers. In this real-time, non-stop, 48-hour challenge, teams of undergraduate and/or high school students assemble small clusters on the exhibit floor, and race to complete real-world workloads across a series of applications and impress HPC-industry judges.

View Award Presentation Video Here:

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