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Southern Ridges Nature Walk (28 Feb & 1 Mar 2017)

Published on: 24-Mar-2017

On 28 Feb 2017, SCSE Faculty and MSO colleagues embarked on yet another healthy lifestyle and teambonding adventure – THE SOUTHERN RIDGES NATURE WALK. A soothing sanctuary of greenery that is not only steeped in history but also home to some of Singapore's most exciting flora and fauna. Highlights of the tour included:

- The Henderson Waves, an award-winning architecture and the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore;
- Sembcorp Forest of the Giants – a living gallery of giant tree species;
- Forest Walk- a 1.3km of lush secondary forest canopy; and
- The Singing Forest – an area with more than 200 birds-attracting trees native to the region.

Armed with their blue funpacks, SCSE-ians were transported to a unique outdoor experience and seamless expanse of green open space. From the many architecturally striking bridges and walkways, SCSE team enjoyed a panoramic view of the verdant greenery, lush hilly parks and the rich flora and fauna of the Nature Reserve. They were indeed pleased to replace the sounds of the hustle and bustle of city life with the symphony of insects and various species of birds. The guides from HortPark, Mr Puisan and Ms May, enthralled the SCSE team with their knowledge on the rich biodiversity of the lush surroundings. SCSE-ians shared that strolling and learning together with colleagues made the experience much more enjoyable.

After spending their morning with nature, SCSE team returned to NTU for a sumptuous lunch spread that ended with a sweet note – freshly made churros and Udders ice cream! A day well spent relaxing, bonding and feasting!!



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