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SCSE Alumni Archery Tag @ The Cage Kallang

Published on: 25-Oct-2017

The SCSE Alumni gathered together on 26 August 2017 afternoon for Archery Tag held at The Cage @ Kallang. Archery Tag combines elements of paintball and archery in a fast-paced game and utilizes special foam tipped arrows that are safe and painless.

SCSE Asst Chair (Alumni), Assoc Prof Cong Gao, attended and graced the event. He also networked with the alumni and was delighted to see them after a long period of time. The alumni and their guests formed into groups of five and competed for the best team. The event was aimed at strengthening the bond and network amongst the alumni.

The event kick-started with a briefing on the usage of the bow and arrows and the game play. Two game modes were being played – Domination and The Last King. In the Domination mode, participants had to oust all their opponents as fast as possible by shooting the arrows on them. Participants hid behind the obstacles to protect themselves from the oncoming arrows and run out from their hiding place to shoot at their opponents when they have the opportunity. For the second game mode, The Last King, each team consists of four archers and a King. The aim of this game is to protect the King while completing the mission of placing foam pieces into the target boards. Foam pieces were placed on opponent’s opposing territory and only the King can cross over to fetch the foam pieces. Participants have to plan and strategise before making any move within the timed play.

Although most of the participants played for the first time in archery tag, many got to embrace their inner Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood. They were able to oust their opponents within a few shots. SCSE Asst Chair (Alumni), Assoc Prof Cong Gao, was also part of the action and managed to shoot down some of his opponents.

Assoc Prof Cong Gao presented the prizes to the winners for the Best Team at the end of the competition.

Congratulations to the SCSE Alumni Archery Tag Winners:
- Chandra Bhavya (CE, Class of 2017)
- Nandi Shuvam (CE, Class of 2017)
- Gupta Ajay Kumar Saloni (CE, Class of 2017)
- Saran Sanchar (Guest)
- Kanan Gowri (Guest)

From left: Guest, Gupta Ajay Kumar Saloni (CE, Class of 2017), Guest, Chandra Bhavya (CE, Class of 2017), Nandi Shuvam (CE, Class of 2017) and Assoc Prof Cong Gao (Asst Chair Alumni and Outreach).


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