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Learning Journey by Hwa Chong Institute Students to SCSE

Published on: 02-Aug-2017

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) organised a learning journey for their JC1 students to NTU College of Engineering on 20 July 2017. They visited two schools – School of Computer Science and Engineering as well as School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering during their learning journey.

The session which lasted for about 3 hours, consisted of a presentation on understanding the importance of engineering, the various UG programmes available under the College of Engineering and the Admission subject requirements for the programmes. This was followed on with some hands-on activities for the students to have a glimpse of the type of interesting projects done by our students.

During the visit to SCSE, the students were taken to the Innovation lab, where they spent an hour engaged in 2 interesting projects. The first project is Spatial-Aware Mobile Device Gaming which is a collaborative learning app implemented by our FYP student. This game focuses on numeracy skills. The second project is the Hand gesture controlled drones which aims to explain the possible use of unmanned vehicles, to aid people in executing tasks. The students had a lot of fun exploring during the activities and were very eager to try out the projects.


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