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SCSE Technovation Day

Published on: 11-Jul-2018

SCSE’s 1st ever Technovation Day was held on 12 May 2018 from 9.30 – 6 pm. Close to 400 visitors were at the event comprising of NTU students, Polytechnic, Junior Colleges and industries.

Celebrating 30 years, SCSE strives to inspire our students through Ideation, Innovation and Technology. The School of Computer Science and Engineering, NTU, proudly to showcase some of the finest projects on real-life problem solving by our students.

On top of demonstrating the multitudes of application areas our computer science/engineering students can look forward to, the event also showcases the various training approaches in SCSE that nurture capabilities, inculcate entrepreneurship in our students as well as enable them to utilise their skills efficiently in the future.

As the school continues to lead change and innovate for a better future, there were industry-sharing arranged for the youth to learn more about the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, how digital innovation, digitization and cyber physical systems are making quantum leaps; and how these will impact our daily lives, the industries and the skills that we will need to ride along.

At total of 56 final year project displays of various nature and 40 poster presentations were showcased on the day of event.
Perhaps the most attention-grabbing part of the event was the voting for the categories of awards by the visitors and industries. There were 3 categories announced and the voting was done through an online system.

1) Most Innovative (New idea that beneficial to society)
2) Most enterprising (A new venture that shows most potential to make its mark and create a successful business)
3) Most creative (Creative – Imaginative in terms of translation and implementation)

The following final year projects and students won the awards respectively.

Most Enterprising:
Student: Ho Song Yan
Supervisor: Prof Xavier Bresson
Project Title: Reinforcement Learning for Self- Driving Cars

Most Creative (2 students doing 1 project):
Student: Chew Yao Kang
Supervisor: Prof Quek Hiok Chai
Project Title: Trading with Self-adaptive Fuzzy Inference System (SaFIN)

Student: Lee Chun Kiat
Supervisor: Prof Quek Hiok Chai
Project Title: MACD-RSI Trading System using Neuro-Fuzzy System

Most Innovative (Tied):
Student: Liu Hualin
Supervisor: Prof Jagath C Rajapakse
Project Title: Detection of Affects (Emotions) of Programming Through Keyboard Dynamics and Mouse Behaviors

Student: Goh Khai Hong
Supervisor: Dr Sinha Sharad
Project Title: Tracking Vulnerable People Using Body Worn QR Code

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