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Convocation 2018 – University Medals & Prizes awarded for AY2017-2018

Published on: 31-Aug-2018

Name of AwardName of RecipientProgramme
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal & Hewlett-Packard Gold MedalDaniel Chia Kang Jie​Computer Engineering
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal & IMDA Gold MedalLiu SiyuanComputer Science
Tata Consultancy Services Gold MedalQuek Zhe YuComputer Science
​Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal cum Book PrizeHo Song YanComputer Science
Defence Science & Technology Agency Gold MedalChen Yu HangComputer Engineering
Accenture Book Prize (for students from non-Graduating Years)Zhang Kaishuo Computer Engineering

Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal

This year, the gold medals were awarded to 37 top NTU students who were first in general proficiency throughout their respective programmes of study and who have obtained First Class Honours.

Winner: DANIEL CHIA KANG JIE, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)

“Never stop learning, for you never know where that knowledge can be useful.”

The undergraduate degree programmes in SCSE are undeniably demanding. The coursework can be challenging especially for students without a computing background and courses usually include a project or two that consume a lot of time outside officially scheduled hours. The Multidisciplinary Project (MDP) is the most notorious of these. I remember investing almost all my time on MDP together with my group in the semester I took it, and yet we still failed to complete it well.

However, for all the fear and disdain that such coursework requirements might inspire among students, this programme, with all its demands and rigour, has prepared me well as a computer engineer. The team-based projects forced you to learn to communicate within a group even if you think you can complete it easily yourself, while having to complete the requirements for multiple courses each semester trains you to manage your time among many simultaneous tasks. Sometimes, for all the effort you put into a project, you may not see the results you hoped for, but even in such failure, you learn to discern where your hard work may have been misguided and how you should work in future projects.

As an engineering student, what I appreciated most was being able to see tangible effects of applying what I had learnt as theoretical knowledge. Whether it’s building a robot that can detect obstacles, a simple mobile application or a logic circuit design, seeing whatever I create do something was a powerful and exciting confirmation that whatever was taught in lectures was real: it was not just words in a textbook. That is the best part about SCSE’s curriculum: its practical aspects give you the chance to bring the content you learn in classrooms to life.

To the incoming freshmen, I hope that as you begin your journey at SCSE, you maintain a healthy level of curiosity, and hold on to it even after you graduate. An enthusiasm for learning goes a long way towards pushing you through those semesters when you have four projects due around the same time, or when you need to start pulling all-nighters. Also, keep looking around you and see the interesting or unusual areas where computing is employed. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of scenarios where you can apply what you learn at SCSE.

Winner: LIU SIYUAN, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

“Try your best every day and leave with no regret when you graduate.”

I started in NTU SCSE back in 2014 and this has completely changed my life. To me, the four years that I’m with NTU is the most memorable and valuable period of my life so far. I’m honoured to receive the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal and IMDA Gold Medal as I graduate from NTU in 2018. I would like to sincerely thank all the faculty members, staff and my peers for supporting me along the journey.

Looking back at my stay at NTU, I feel so lucky that there are so many opportunities around and I was able to grasp some of them..

My most memorable days at SCSE were definitely my time in the NTU student cluster competition team. I joined the team as an absolute novice when I was a sophomore. Since then, I had been working extremely hard and trying my best to learn things about the competition. As a team, we faced numerous challenges over the years when we participated. Every time, we took it as a lesson and learnt from it. Finally, with a strong team effort, as well as support from our advisors and sponsors, I led the NTU team to win world championship at the 2017 Student Cluster Competition in Denver U.S.A against many top universities around the globe. This is without a doubt my greatest achievement as an university student.

In the end, I would like to say a few words to the incoming freshmen. As an university student, you will be given a lot of freedom. You could certainly just pass all the courses and leave with a degree. However, there are more things that you can do. During your stay at NTU, you should always try your best to utilize the resources here and grasp every opportunity you can to help you realize your dream. This has definitely helped me find my real passion and work my best towards that. I hope you will enjoy your journey with NTU just like I do.

To the class of 2018, it was my pleasure being in NTU with all of you and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Watch Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Awards Video here: -

Tata Consultancy Services Gold Medal

Winner: QUEK ZHE YU, Double Degree in Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

“There is no right or wrong path, only your path.”

My academic journey in NTU has been long and challenging, but wonderfully transformative. As I reflect over the past 4 years, there is no doubt that being a BCG student is one of the best choices I have done. I am humbly grateful to be one of the awardees of Tata Consultancy Services Gold Medal and I would like to thank each and every professor, schoolmate and friend in NTU, without whom my university education would not be the same.

In NTU SCSE, lecturers often relate concepts and theories with real life case studies or hands-on projects. For instance, the choice of examples used to elaborate the concepts came from prominent companies all over the world, and this helped broaden my horizon and understanding of the module. Another example would be the rigorous projects where we are required to apply the theories learnt, and this allowed us to be more familiar and adept at the module.

One of the most inspiring instances was my Year 3 Multi-Disciplinary Project module, where we had to design a robot and hold an internal competition with my batchmates. It was one of the best modules I have experienced as it provides an excellent platform to exchange ideas with my peers across the cohort. Furthermore, it also inspires me to pursue the idea of connecting the dots across different disciplinaries to achieve phenomenal innovations. All in all, I believe that the well-designed curriculum, credible professors as well as the friendly schoolmates made NTU SCSE one of the best schools one can go to. I would gladly choose this degree again if time rewinds and I am sure all my batchmates think likewise too.

For the incoming freshmen in NTU, especially to those in SCSE, I would like to wish all of you a pleasant and wonderful journey. These four years will be an uphill battle but fret not, there will be plenty of opportunities available for you as long as you do not give up.

To the class of 2018, hope see you all again in the near future and wish you all the very best!

Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal cum Book Prize

Winner: HO SONG YAN, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

“Be determined and don’t ever underestimate yourself”.

I am honored to be the award recipient of Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal cum Book Prize. I would like to thank my family and friends, for their support whenever I need. And to my professors, especially my FYP supervisor, Asst Prof Xavier Bresson for his guidance throughout the year.

Time flies and it has been four years since I first joined NTU SCSE family. Throughout my university life, I managed to seize four internship opportunities from The Oddle Company, A*STAR, Shopee Singapore, and J.P. Morgan and Chase. Despite picking up technology advancement, I learnt the way to manage time and be a good team player. These skills embraced me to face any challenges in my studies and career.

Last but not the least, I would like to share my opinion with the incoming freshmen. Being a student in university does not restrain you from exploring the world, and there are always opportunities out there for you to pursue your dream. Thus, don’t stop and keep chasing your dream!

And also, to the Class of 2018, we made it finally and wish you all the best in the future!

Defence Science and Technology Agency Gold Medal

Winner: CHEN YU HANG, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)

“When there is a will, there is a way”

I am glad that I chose NTU to pursue my field of interest in Computer Engineering. It was a very fruitful three and a half years complete with hands-on practices.

I remembered vividly the multi-discipline project done in Year 3. It was my very first experience working with other talented teammates to build a robot from scratch together. Throughout the project, I have experienced what teamwork really means, something that is very valuable in a working environment and I am thankful to NTU for the experience.

Computer Engineering was not the first course that I have enrolled in NTU. It was a tough decision to detour from my first course as I was not too sure if it would be a great move for me. Ultimately, I followed my heart and interest to make the change. And it was a change that I have never regretted. I strongly believe everybody is gifted and talented in a certain area and they should without a doubt, explore the area.

University has never been an easy journey. There are lot of problems where I encountered, and most of the time I have to solve them myself. This is where I grew and become more independent so as to prepare myself for the working world.

Everybody has different aim and purpose upon enrolling into a university. There is never a right or wrong route to take as it purely depends on what you would like to take away from the university experience.

Therefore, for the newly enrolled students, be clear on the aims that you have and work towards it. Be open to explore as university is a place where you can experience different fields and ultimately, follow your heart and never doubt on it to make a try.

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Accenture Book Prize

Winner: ZHANG KAISHUO, Computer Engineering, Year 3

“To thine own self be true”.

CE3005 - Computer Networks is one of the most rewarding courses I have taken in NTU, and I am deeply honored to be awarded the Accenture Book Prize for this course. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Professor Luo Jun and Professor Francis Lee for the carefully curated course materials and their excellent pedagogy.

CE3005 uncovers deep truths about Computer Networks bit by bit. As I delve into each TCP/IP layer, I get a better sense of how the network works in general and appreciate the intricate design in parts as well as the seamless abstraction on the whole. This relates me back to courses like Software Engineering where we have a taste of the theories behind good coding practices and paradigms, and Algorithms in which we look at programs in an asymptotic aspect. It is truly beautiful to see what I have learned come together empirically in the technology behind one of the most ambitious projects that profoundly transforms human living – the Internet. As I am moving towards year 3, I am looking forward to more courses like such, and I am thrilled to continue my journey with NTU.

University is a great place to hone our autonomy, and NTU provides us with a great deal of freedom and resources to let ourselves evolve in various facets of life. My advice to the incoming freshmen would be to make full use of them and explore different options to find what you are truly passionate about. Furthermore, always maintain your curiosity, ask as many questions as you can, and do not take whatever other people tell you as truths until you examine them critically and put them to the test.

Wish you all the best in years to come and enjoy your university life.

School of Computer Science and Engineering is extremely proud of all our students’ achievements. We congratulate them on their graduation and wish them every success and excellence in pursuing their dreams and careers.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018.

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