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ACM Recognizes 2020 Distinguished Members for Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Computing

Published on: 14-Jan-2021

Assoc Prof Sourav S Bhowmick has been named among 64 ACM Distinguished Members “for outstanding scientific contributions to computing”. He is the first NTU PhD as well as first in Singapore in data management area to be inducted into Distinguished Members of the ACM for scientific contributions. Congratulations!

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has named 64 Distinguished Members for outstanding contributions to the field. All 2020 inductees are longstanding ACM members and were selected by their peers for a range of accomplishments that move the computing field forward.

"The active participation of ACM members, in our organization, and in the field more broadly, is the foundation of a global scientific society,” explains ACM President Gabriele Kotsis. “With the Distinguished Member designation, ACM celebrates specific contributions of these members and their career growth as reflected in a long-term commitment to the field, as well as their collaboration with peers in supporting a global professional association of the benefit of all."

The 2020 ACM Distinguished Members work at leading universities, corporations and research institutions around the world, and hail from Australia, Canada, China, India, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. These innovators have made contributions in a wide range of technical areas including data science, mobile and pervasive computing, artificial intelligence, computer science education, computer engineering, graphics, cybersecurity, and networking, among many other areas.

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Article courtesy of ACM, December 17, 2020


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