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Being at the right place and the right time! Empowering the Students and Imparting the Skills.

Published on: 16-Apr-2018

Standing (2nd from right) are Stanwin and colleague (far right).

13th January 2018

The skills and critical training gained from the 4 year programmes with SCSE proved extremely fruitful for Stanwin Siow, who graduated from School of Computer Science and Engineering in 2012. He began his career with Barclays as a management associate and rose quickly to lead a team as VP Technology in the same organisation. In 2016, he went on to establish 2 companies, one as the co-founder and the second as the director dabbling in soft skills as well as artificial intelligence. When the school approached him on sharing his leadership skills to the current young undergraduates, he immediately agreed as he thought it would be a good opportunity to share with them his experience and skill useful for the corporate world.

Together with his partner and also another alumni of NTU School of Humanities and Social Sciences, they developed a program exclusively for some of the top performing students of SCSE. He then spent a day with these handpicked group of students to help them to identify as well as exude their individual leadership potential while they explored on how to extend their charismas using influencers.

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were contented to walk away with some important pointers to help them nurture as a future leaders; especially with a better understanding on the use of their new learnt skills when they enter the workforce.


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