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Unity 3D workshop – 22 Oct’ 2016

Published on: 15-Nov-2016

On 22 October 2016, many young aspiring computer scientists from various junior colleges gathered at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to learn more about the popular game engine, Unity 3D. The 4-hour workshop was conducted by Lim Hong Quan, Leroy (BCG Year 3) and facilitated by Yeo Kai Yeat (BCG Year 3), Alfie Farhana (CS Year 4) and Pauline Emerald Ranjan (BCG Year 3) from the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

As the participants were from the various junior colleges of Singapore, there were some familiar faces present from a prior workshop held in May at Innova Junior College. No doubt, they had returned to refresh their knowledge and perhaps learn more about this excellent game engine.

The students followed a detailed lesson plan to understand the various functionalities of Unity 3D. As they were generally comfortable with the built-in features, more emphasis was given to the coding aspect of game development during the workshop. It came as quite a surprise that many of them were very keen on learning the syntax, meaning and intricacies of all the lines of code.

A scrumptious lunch was provided during which many of the students bombarded the facilitators with several questions but a majority of them were addressed and answered while some concepts were even demonstrated once everyone returned to the lab.

The workshop concluded with a mini competition. As the students progressed through the session, they had developed a simple game in which the player controls a ball to move on a flat surface to collect coins. They were challenged to make this game as fun and interactive as possible.

From left: Overall winner from Meridian JC, 2nd and 3rd place winner from Catholic JC receiving their gifts and certificates from Leroy Lim, who conducted the workshop.

Some of the entries showcased were simply incredible, given the short span of time the students were given to develop. With the knowledge he acquired of Unity 3D, our first prize winner from Meridian Junior College managed to enhance the game to support multiple levels of playing with a unique scoring system. In addition to that, to win the game, collecting all the coins did not suffice. Instead, one had to get the ball to roll off the surface of the last level and land on 1 of 4 separate small, circular platforms. Such was the creativity and theme that even the facilitators were very keen on playing and winning this game. The second and third prizes were both secured by students from Catholic Junior College.

In conclusion, the facilitators found the session to be an absolute pleasure to be part of as it offered use of their theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. The whole experience was very holistic in terms of knowledge provision and was made suitable for everyone with a thirst for game development.

Many more workshops of this nature can be anticipated and with abundance of scope and SCSE looks forward to conducting more such exciting workshops in the near future.


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