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SCSE Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) 2017

Published on: 25-Oct-2017

19 members of the SCSE Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) team embarked on a 2-week project from 19th-31st May 2017, named – Learning Through Serving, Receiving Through Giving at Yangon, Myanmar, to put a smile on the faces of the children in the nunnery school as well as the local community.

The SCSE (OCIP) was first started in 2013 and supported by SCSE and Student Affairs Office (SAO).

Amongst the duties, the team was responsible for conducting lessons for the students in the nunnery school, where they were taught basic English. The lessons included songs, dance, games and handicraft activities to make the learning more interactive and fun.

They were also tasked in the construction of the drains outside the nunnery school, such as shifting and laying bricks from one place to another and helping to even out the layer of the soil and various other tasks assigned by the local contracted workers.

The team took the time to visit the home of the students in the nunnery school. The visit provided an immersive cultural exchanges and exposure with opportunity to interact with their family members and learn more about the local culture and their way of living. The team also gave out some souvenirs from Singapore for their warm hospitality.

On one of the days, the team organised a carnival for the students to try out local Singapore snacks and drinks. Some snacks included our jam biscuits, crackers, rojak and bandung drinks. There were also games for them to play and earn points to redeem those snacks.

In the remaining days the team brought the students out for an excursion away from the village, where they visited places such as the local zoo, theme park and temples.

Despite the language barrier, the team still managed to build strong bonds with the students in the nunnery school and the local villagers.

It was a very memorable and enriching trip for the team and they learned from the determination, the hope and the drive of the local community and hence gaining a new outlook on life with a greater passion to serve others.

The team’s dedication and commitment have made the SCSE OCIP a fruitful trip and a humbling experience and an opportunity to inculcate social responsibility to the SCSE community.


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