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2nd prize in ICCBC Challenge 2019

Published on: 06-Nov-2019

(From left to right) Wu Jibin (NUS) and Xu Chenglin (NTU)

The NUS-NTU joint team from Human Language Technology Laboratory (NUS) and School of Computer Science and Engineering (NTU) emerged as one of the Second Prize winners in the 2019 International Collegiate Competition for Brain-Inspired Computing. Supervised by Prof Li Haizhou (NUS) and A/Prof Chng Eng Siong (NTU), the winning team comprised two PhD students Wu Jibin (NUS), and Xu Chenglin (NTU).

They received a certificate, as well as prize money of RMB 60,000. The award recognises the latest technology breakthrough in the learning algorithm for biologically plausible spiking neural networks (SNNs). It bridges the gap for large-scale application on neuromorphic computing devices as demonstrated on several large-scale pattern recognition tasks, including image classification, automatic speech recognition and speech separation.

More than 200 teams from worldwide participated in the competition held on the 19th and 20th October 2019 in Tsinghua University, China. The participating entries covered hardware, software, and applications in the area of brain-inspired computing for artificial general intelligence.

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