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SCSE shines at the Nanyang Awards

Published on: 07-Apr-2017

SCSE has much to celebrate at this year’s Nanyang Awards ceremony. The school has for the first time, won four Nanyang Awards in a go. Two awards in education, one in research and the coveted Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award.

The Nanyang Education Award is the highest honour conferred by the University to faculty members in the field of teaching. The Award recognises the dedication and achievements of faculty members who displayed excellent teaching practices and enriched the learning experiences of NTU undergraduates. These award recipients inspire students through their deep passion to teach well and their genuine concern for their students' learning. Associate Professor Xiao Xiaokui won this year’s School Award by popular vote from SCSE’s final year students. SCSE Chair, Professor Ong Yew Soon, a past School and College Award winner also won the University Award (SILVER).

This year, the school has proudly received two more awards. They are Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator) and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award. Associate Professor Li Mo won the Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator), which recognises him as a young researcher below the age of 39 years who has made outstanding contributions in extending the frontiers of knowledge. The prestigious Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award recognises individuals or teams who have made significant contributions to the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem at NTU, and contributed to Singapore’s economic and national development through the creation of entrepreneurial leaders and new business ventures. This year’s award was won by Associate Professor Wen Yonggang, SCSE’s Assistant Chair for Innovation.

The Awards Ceremony, an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of faculty, staff and students throughout the University referred to as “Celebrate NTU”, was held on 16 March 2017 at Nanyang Auditorium.

Let’s extend our warmest congratulations to our SCSE faculty members who have been awarded the Nanyang Awards.

Nanyang Education Award
University Award Silver
Prof Ong Yew Soon

Nanyang Education Award
School Award
Assoc Prof Xiao Xiaokui

Nanyang Research Award
Young Investigator
Assoc Prof Li Mo

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award
Assoc Prof Wen Yonggang


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