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Published on: 30-Oct-2017

NTU’s Team iPort, with their game Shipeee!, managed to clinch the 1st place as well as the Most Popular App award.

On the 27th of October, PSA held the finals of the PSA Game IT Competition at the NUS School of Computing. The goal of the competition was for teams to create a unique mobile game that could educate users about PSA’s business. 45 teams from various schools across Singapore submitted their entries in hope of winning the grand prize of $10,000.

The finals on Friday saw eight shortlisted teams present their work of the past 3 months. Of the eight finalists, four of teams were from NTU, and they all gave stunning presentations that showcased their games with innovative mechanics and beautifully crafted graphics. In the end, NTU’s Team iPort, with their game “Shipeee!” managed to clinch the 1st place as well as the Most Popular App award. (The other NTU team Alright Mate, with their game Port Time Job, also managed to clinch the 2nd place, while the 3rd team, Team Hennery also from NTU; with their game Miniport, clinched the joint 3rd place together with NUS team.)

The members of Team iPort from Renaissance Engineering Programme comprises of Chen Chin Jieh and Sng Guo Jie, (Specialising in Computer Science); and Lee Wei Rong and Wang Andai (Specialising in Civil Engineering). And over the past 3 months, they have been working on the mobile game for the PSA Game IT Competition.

“Shipeee!” is a puzzle game where the aim is to safely guide trucks from one ship to another, for the purpose of transhipment. However, there are obstacles and other trucks along the way such that, if not managed properly, will threaten the safe operations of the port. It will hence depend on the player's reaction and planning skills to ensure that the operations of the port proceed without a hitch.

Well done to Team iPort and the other NTU teams for clinching the top 3 spots!


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