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SCSE - Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition (SCC) 2016

Published on: 09-Jan-2017

Congratulations to Team NTU for winning the awards at the Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition (SCC) 2016:

• 1st – Mystery Application Category (GROMACS)
• 4th – Benchmark Category
• 5th – Overall Position

The NTU team, Enigma, continue in their success from ASC’16 to make a major impact at SCC 2016. The Student Cluster Competition ( was held in conjunction with Supercomputing 2016, at Salt Lake City, USA. It has a total of 14 invited teams from around the globe (China, Europe, South America and USA).  This is the first time an NTU team is participating in the competition.  The students were required to set-up their own cluster and run a number of application given by the organisers.

Team Enigma :
Supervisors: A/Prof. Bu-Sung Lee, Lu Shengliang (SCSE alumni)
Students: Du Wichao, Liu Siyuan, Ren Daxuan, Chen Hailin, Shao Yiyang, Tan Ying Hao

The NTU team were innovative and showed off their resourcefulness with the design and 3D printing of directed air funnels with small fans to cool the latest Nvidia P100 GPU cards (sponsored by Nvidia) and the use of 100G Infiniband cards and switches to interconnect the 4 workstations (sponsored by Mellanox). On top of the hardware, the students were tuning the application software to get the best results.

The team has received strong support and sponsorship from National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) and A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (ACRC), that funded the team’s travel and the workstation hardware.


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