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SCSE Outstanding PhD Thesis Award 2019

Published on: 02-Jul-2019

Congratulations to the following PhD graduates for their achievement!

for contributions to adversarial machine learning research and technical leadership in system application

ZHAO Mengchen
Advanced Attack and Defense Techniques in Machine Learning Systems

Zhao Mengchen’s thesis investigates several important problems in the area of adversarial machine learning in order to deepen the understanding of the vulnerabilities of machine learning. An efficient algorithm is proposed to compute label contamination attacks against a class of machine learning algorithms. Moreover, the thesis demonstrates the transferability of data injection attacks in multi-task learning. The thesis also proposes practical solutions for combating adversaries in real-world machine learning systems, including email filtering systems and e-commerce systems.

Honourable Mentions
REN Runtian
Combinatorial Algorithms for Scheduling Jobs to Minimize Server Usage Time

Jury 2019

Prof Sun Chengzheng (Jury Chair)
Asst Prof Lam Siew Kei
Asst Prof Zinovi Rabinovich

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