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SCSE Staff Teambuilding at Freeing. SG Room Escape Games

Published on: 20-Oct-2017

Day 1

More than 40 SCSE colleagues joined in the Room Escape Games Teambuilding sessions held on 3rd and 4th Oct 2017.

They formed teams to challenge themselves at the various themed rooms such as Secrets of The Past - From Russia with Love; War - The Battle for Freedom and Alice In Wonderland

Congratulations to the winning team who successfully escaped from the room - Ninja - The Secret Disciplines of The Shinobi, in 45mins! The team comprises of:

Winning Team

Mr Goh Tong Hai

- Software Labs

Ms Suman Bhoi            

- Biometrics & Forensics Lab

Ast/P Mohamed M. Sabry Aly   

- Faculty

Mr Tan Kheng Leong   

- Faculty

Ms Cheryl Wong Sze Yin    

- Computational Intelligence Lab

Ms Wong Lee Chin   

- Hardware Lab

Mr Lam Hoy Kong    

- Hardware Lab


The winners were awarded prize vouchers for their achievement.

Day 2

Colleagues who participated in the team bonding session had an exciting afternoon with fellow colleagues.


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