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SCSE draws huge crowds during NTU Open House 2017

Published on: 24-Mar-2017

Nanyang Technological University - Singapore, held its annual open house on 4 March 2017. It was a day bustling with tours, talks and networking at the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE).

The day began as early as 7.30 am when team members began preparations for the day ahead at the booth. The crowds began streaming into the Nanyang Auditorium with the arrival of the first bus at 9.15 am. As they walked into the Engineering Trivia located at Level 3, visitors were greeted by faculty, staff and students from the various engineering schools. At each booth, there was an array of interesting visual displays allowing the visitors to learn more about the individual schools – from the different undergraduate programmes to curricula and career prospects.

This year Associate Professor Nicholas Vun delivered the first of the four talks at 11.00 am on SCSE’s programmes which is followed by more talks at 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm, delivered by Associate Professors Sun Aixin, Suresh Sundaram and Oh Hong Lye respectively. All the talks were very well attended with the LTs filled to the capacity and beyond at some sessions. The 3 scheduled tours to the teaching labs and research centres also received tremendous response from the visitors. These sessions offered visitors a good overview of SCSE’s learning facilities, where they get to see the latest teaching equipment and resources in a conducive and stimulating learning environment. The visitors thus have the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes peek at the students in action and some preview of the curriculum content. This year’s highlight of the tours was the newly installed Innovation lab which will offer the freshmen the experience of entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, a special mobile application on image recognition was built as a game for visitors to scan and collect their points which entitled them to a lucky draw.

These hands-on activities complemented the activities at the School’s main booth in Nanyang Auditorium that was packed with visitors throughout the day.



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