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Our Alumni, Deepank Vora (CE, Class of 2014) build an app that all bus riders in Singapore can use

Published on: 20-Oct-2017

Background and about Alight
Being a frequent bus rider in Singapore, I found that bus rides can be quite a hassle. The primary reason is that riders don't know when exactly to get off from the bus. It causes a lot of anxiety to constantly have to look out the window to know when to hop off the bus. In most buses there's no tracker similar to the MRT which indicates which stop the bus is approaching or an estimate of how long it would take to reach the destination.

Thus, I decided to take on the challenge to resolve this problem by building an app that all bus riders in Singapore can use. The first release targets iOS devices and helps users in their bus rides - from start to stop. It lets users know when to hop-on (arrival time) as well as when to hop-off (get-off alerts).

Once users have selected their start stop, bus and destination stop, they can view live bus arrival timings (powered by LTA APIs) and plan when to leave from their home. Upon boarding the bus, they can sit back and relax without the need to worry about when they need to hop-off.

The app shows an intuitive real-time ride tracker with the current position of the bus in the bus route and a time estimate to destination. (At this point, the app doesn't require an internet connection and works even when mobile data is turned off). The app provides alerts to the users - one alert to prepare them when their stop is next and a second alert to tell them that they need to hop-off.

More info on Alight:

What I hope to achieve with Alight
Public transportation is a key element in many of our day-to-day lives. I aspire to make this experience seamless and hassle-free for everyone.

Singapore has a noble dream of becoming a Smart Nation. Technology has tremendous potential to lead us in fulfilling this vision and it takes all of us to work collectively to make this happen. Alight is one step in this direction.

About my life at SCSE
I graduated from SCSE in 2014. I think the most amazing thing about our field is how one can build things from an idea that can potentially affect billions of lives.

My lecturers at SCSE have always inspired me. I had the honour to be coached by my FYP Professor - Prof Goh Wooi Boon. I felt that he always prioritised my personal development and learning despite tight project delivery timelines. His teachings on the importance of thorough user testing on any new product still stays with me.

Prof Yeo Chai Kiat is one of the sweetest persons I know. Her ever-positive demeanour and helpful nature was rejuvenating. She was always willing to go the extra mile in order to connect with and motivate each of her students.


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