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Team from SCSE clinches the Highest LinPACK award at SC18

Published on: 03-Dec-2018

The SCSE NTU team, once again proved their capability by securing the Highest LinPACK award at the recent student cluster competition in SuperComputing 2018 (SC18), held in Dallas. They broke the LinPACK SC17 record, which was also set by the previous SCSE team, thus once again claiming victory for the school. This win shows the skill developed by the students to tune the servers to get the maximum throughput from the system within the 3 Kw power limit.

The SCSE team achieved 2nd place in the overall team performance, where teams are required to run real-world application, eg. Seismic simulation to Artificial Intelligence application. Interestingly, one of the server broke down mid-way through the competition. The students quickly reorganised their strategy and never gave up hope by becoming more determined to do well in the competition. Thus, it came as a surprise to them when they were informed of the results. One of the judges commented that he was really impressed with our students’ performance coming in 2nd overall with only one working server. (Wonder what the results would have been if all the servers were working!) The students in the team had the determination and indomitable spirit.

For 2 years in a row, the school has successfully produced teams to compete at the very top of the league in student cluster competition against some of the top universities with a history of High Performance Computing (HPC). The notable achievements as follows:

- Highest Linpack and Overall award in SC’17, Denver
- 2nd overall at ISC’18, Frankfurt
- Highest LinPACK award and 2nd Overall at SC’18, Dallas.

This would not have been possible without the support received from National Supercomputing Center (Singapore), Nvidia AI Tech Center, Mellanox and DELL EMA. Last but not least the unwavering support from the School and the team advisor Professor Francis Lee has enabled the students to excel and compete on the world stage.

Team members:
Ms Hao Meiru (Captain, CS Year 3)
Mr Zhang Xinye (Vice-Captain, CS Year 3)
Ms Wu Bian (CS Year 3)
Mr Shen Youlin (CS Year 3)
Mr Cao Liu (CS Year 3)
Mr Heng Weiliang (CS Year 3)
Assoc Prof Lee Bu-Sung, Francis (Team Advisor)
Mr Liu Siyuan (Mentor, Class of 2018)

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