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Student Care Workshop for SCSE Faculty and Staff – Working with Students using Mindfulness

Published on: 17-May-2018

SCSE members of faculty and staff attended the SCSE Student Care workshop – "Working with Students Using Mindfulness" at TR+29 on 8 March 2018. SCSE Student Affairs and Alumni Office collaborated with the Student Wellbeing Centre (SWC) as part of the community approach towards student care in SCSE. The participants learnt how to use mindfulness and were also given the opportunity to try the experiential exercise on mindful relaxation during the workshop.

The participants had a fruitful and informative session and participated in lively discussions on case studies and role play sessions. They also learnt the best practices towards rendering assistance with the practical skills.

At the end of the session, they are better equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in providing students care. Kudos to our SCSE faculty and staff with their commendable effort to take the time to attend the session despite their busy schedule. This again affirmed their strong commitment, support and care towards our students.

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