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Convocation 2017 – Valedictorian

Published on: 11-Sep-2017

The role of the valedictorian is to deliver the valedictory speech on behalf of the graduates at each of the Convocation ceremonies. The speech should inspire the graduating cohort as they embark on the next phase of their lives, and offer a reflection of accomplishments and times spent together with special mention of the people who have played a key role during the programme of study.

The valedictorian is elected by the graduating class, from among candidates nominated by the School in consultation with the student clubs.

The Valedictorian for Convocation 2017 is:
Aryani Paramita, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

Aryani Paramita (3rd from left) believes university life is not only about academics. Extra-Curricular activities have played an important role in making her university life fulfilling.

“If anything is worth to do, do it with all of your heart”
- Confucious

How did it start?
My SCSE journey began with our freshmen ceremony where we wore the academic gown and pledged to adhere to NTU academic conduct. I still clearly remember my first morning lecture on CZ1003: Introduction to Computational Thinking at LT 2A. The excitement soon transformed into a self-adjustment adaption into the university life which was full of surprises with rapid learning pace with the rigorous demands of project works and assignments as well as a solid emphasize on self-learning.

Challenges Faced
My first semester was a big challenge, I faced difficulty understanding lessons in English, which I eventually overcame. The last two years of my time with SCSE was entirely different as I immersed myself in a leadership role with CSE club managing issues, began sourcing for internships and securing a full-time job. Looking back, it was an amazing journey which made me who I am today.

Non- Academic Experiences
I believe university life is not only about academics. Extra-Curricular activities have played an important role in making my university life fulfilling. I joined CSE club as Corporate Liaison Associate and was fortunate to know my predecessor and club president – Ms. Lok Yin whom had inspired me to do more as a club member and always put students’ interest as the first priority. As I got more involved with the club activities, I decided to join CEC Management Committee as well as various student activities such as Freshmen Orientation Camp and SCSE Annual Open House.  It was a great experience learning how to collaborate with people, manage and plan events as well as source for sponsorships.  

Appreciating the facilities
The SCSE Student Lounge the most where I learnt most of my experiences and where memories were made.  It was the ideal place for me to study during semester and exam period, the place where our project meetings were held, the place where we made friends and strengthened bonds within the SCSE community.

Memorable Journey
I would like to thank my mom, for he undivided support m. An enormous thank you to the SCSE Professors, in particular Dr Smitha, for teaching and providing guidance to me for the past 4 years. Whenever I was in doubt, I had several avenues of advice from our professors as well as staff. They were friendly, approachable, and more than willing to help us to get the clearer concepts and better understanding of the modules.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof Quek Hiok Chai, Mr. Nashruddiin, Ms. Li Ling and Ms. Rekha for their support guidance and collaboration in various events and club activities throughout my journey.

A special note of thanks Ms. Lok Yin former president of CSE club and the 14th to 16th Management Committees their wonderful support and moments created together. Last but not least, thank you fellow SCSE-ians for the journey we have been through together.

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