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SCSE Undergraduate’s Internship at BMW Group, Munich

Published on: 15-Nov-2016

Name of Student: Madhavan Seshadri
UG Programme: Bachelor of Computer Science, Year 4
Place of Internship and country: BMW Group, Munich, Germany

Basically being a researcher with social bent of mind, I was able to hone my skillsets, under the Asian Future Mobility research lab at NTU, through the URECA programme. As I was working on the project of Stochastic Vehicle Routing, I clinched the fabulous opportunity of doing my internship at BMW Group in Munich, Germany.

I began my awe-inspiring internship experience in their technology division of Traffic Information Management and Routing; where exotic technologies were being vigorously pioneered. The culture there was methodical and resonated well to my project pedagogy providing me with good exposure in industrial R & D. I was extremely impressed with the facility of the work & research environment

My project was focussed on identifying the shortest route given the dynamic road conditions between two locations where the vehicle is travelling from Point A to Point B. My major contribution was in the area of implementing new research methodologies to be developed for vehicle routing in their navigation system and testing for the same.

I look forward to the day when this project will be implemented in the vehicles, as it intends to significantly reduce the traffic congestion on the roads. Apart from this, all BMW car owners will definitely enjoy a much more comfortable drive in comparison to their other counterparts.

Being in Europe Madhavan took the opportunity to travel to many countries in the region during the short breaks and weekends to immerse in the culture and enjoy the sights.

Apart from the engaging work environment and focus on research that was immensely satisfying, I took the opportunity to travel to as many countries in the region during the short breaks and weekends to immerse in the culture and enjoy the sights.

The skills gained during my study at NTU were pivotal in performing an impeccable job for the organization. I wish to thank my Professors especially, Prof Zhang Jie and Dr Guo Hongliang, staff and my peers in research at NTU and SCSE for presenting me with the myriad of opportunities to learn and make a meaningful impact to our society.

My message to my juniors and to the future students: At NTU you will get every opportunity to identify and explore your passions as well as strengthen your capabilities. Believe in yourself and explore. The university and the school are ready to give you support and encourage you to realise your true potential. With the education at NTU, you truly become a global student.”

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