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Overseas Entrepreneurship Experience – OEP

Published on: 14-Nov-2018

Name of Student: Tan Jun Xiang
UG Programme: Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Year 4
Place of OEP: San Francisco, USA

Having been on the Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) by NTUitive, it has broadened my perspective of the world in three areas. Being exposed to an overseas working culture, experiencing the fast-paced changes of a startup and soaking in the culture San Francisco had to offer.

Firstly, being able to work with peers of different cultures brings about different perspectives of solving problems. A collaborative culture was adopted by the company which I interned at where weekly meetings are held to share about tasks to be done and problems faced to be resolved.

Secondly, as a startup with a small headcount, I was given responsibilities that directly impact end users and worked in teams where I got to contribute alongside engineers. Throughout the year long internship, I got to work in different roles such as a frontend engineer, backend engineer and managing internal web applications. Being under the supervision of the CTO himself, I had the opportunity to speak to him directly, to gain insights from his past experiences and to also explore with him my future career options.

Besides just working in a startup, being in a foreign country also allowed me to immerse myself in different activities that the locals participate in. Being a geek at heart and in the city of tech, joining hackathons and events in the area was a dream come true. Besides been renowned for tech, San Francisco has amazing scenic views as it is situated by the coast and surrounded by many of the famous national parks.

The experience gained through internship has enabled me to start a peer to peer food delivery service together with a group of friends after I came back to Singapore. This delivery service, NTU Food Buddy has since been used by over 2,000 NTU students.

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