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SCSE Computing Challenge 2019


School of Computer Science and Engineering is proud to organise its first ever SCSE Computing Challenge.

This year’s challenge will be a 2 day event which will be held on 12 & 13 January 2019 and is opened to all local Junior Colleges and Integrated Programme students. Current (2018) JC2 or YR6 students are allowed to participate as well.


Each school is allowed to send up to 2 x teams of students.

Each team must have a minimum of 3 students, up to a maximum of 5 students. Teams are encouraged to have a reserve member to be able to turn around in case one of the team participant has last minute emergencies.

There will be a pre-event workshop on using Unity* ( for this event on 5 January 2019.

*Please note that software platform for the training is provided only for Unity. Student teams can use other software platforms (e.g. PyGame) for the actual event.

The detailed theme will be informed on 12 January and there will be inclusion of a hardware component in the theme. The details of the hardware component will be provided during the pre-event training held on 5th January 2019. A write up will also be emailed to all participating teams on the same day.


Pre-event workshop-UNITY 3D - on 5th January 2019, Saturday - School of Computer Science and Engineering – NTU, Blk N4 – 01C-06 (

Computing Challenge 2019, 12th & 13th January 2019 - TR+16, LHN – 01 -04, The Arc - Learning Hub North @ NTU ( Room + 16 – LHN)


Positive energy
Provide an opportunity for participants to learn new computing skills, identify and resolve problems faced.

Identify your talent to design
The event is organized with the intention of promoting Computer Science and Engineering in an application-oriented environment, with a tinge of competition thrown in.

Cultivating good friendships and team spirit
A project brings people together to share ideas and provide inspiration. Collaboration is the cornerstone to effective project planning, management and execution.



For email enquiries:
Mrs Susy Lawrence: 6592 3095
Ms Angela Peter: 6790 6198