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SCSE Technovation Day

12 May 2018, Saturday
9.30am - 6.00 pm

Celebrating 30 years, we strive to inspire our students through Ideation, Innovation and Technology. The School of Computer Science and Engineering, NTU, is proud to showcase some of the finest projects on real-life problem solving by our students.

On top of demonstrating the multitudes of application areas our computer science/engineering students can look forward to, the event also showcases the various training approaches in SCSE that nurture capabilities, inculcate entrepreneurship in our students as well as enable them to utilise their skills efficiently in the future.

As we continue to lead change and innovate for a better future, SCSE has also arranged for industry-sharing for our youth to learn more about the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, how digital innovation, digitization and cyber physical systems are making quantum leaps; and how these will impact our daily lives, the industries and the skills that we will need to ride along.

Come and visit us to experience and explore some of these exciting projects.

More details of the event will be available soon.

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