Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI)



Course Coordinator: Sourav Sen Gupta (Dr)

This project, to be performed over two consecutive semesters, provides students an opportunity to work with faculty members in SCSE and to learn state-of-the-art AI techniques for a particular problem. Scope of project may be based on staff research interest or industrial collaboration. Students are expected to document their work and report their findings in formal reports and give oral presentations together with demonstration (if any) as the conclusion of their projects.

The master project of AI is a one-year project with 6 AUs.

Interested students are to register for AI6129 during the Course Registration Period first, project is chosen in consultation with a supervisor (via the on-line MSAI project application available via GSLink) during the first two weeks of the semester in which the course will be taken. The project topic requires agreement by the proposed supervisor.

Project Timeline
- Faculty Members propose Projects
- Students choose AI Master Projects
- Students work on the Projects
- Students submit the AI Master Project Report
- Supervisor and Examiner Evaluation
- Finalization of Marks and Marks Submission