Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI)


Course Information

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Graduation Requirements
To be awarded the Master in AI degree, student must:

- Complete a total of 30 AUs
o Compulsory courses 12 AU
o Elective courses / master project 18 AU

- Attain a minimum CGPA of 2.50 at the completion of the programme of study.

Satisfactory Academic Performance
In any term of study, a coursework student is considered to be making satisfactory progress if he attains a minimum TGPA of 2.50.

Poor Academic Performance, AW and FO
A coursework student with poor academic performance will be subject to the following actions:
1. Academic warning (AW) if TGPA or CGPA <2.50 in any term of study.
2. Termination of Candidature (FO) if TGPA <2.50 for the second consecutive term of study.