Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI)


Course Registration

The school will register courses for you based on your choice of courses.

You may add or drop courses during the Add/Drop period, within in the first two weeks of the semester. Any changes after the Add/Drop period will not be accepted.

All students are advised to check via their GSLink before the end of the Add/Drop period to ensure courses have been registered / de-registered correctly.

If you wish to withdraw from any courses, you must submit your request to the school by the 10th week of the semester, otherwise a 'Fail' grade will be reflected in your transcript.

Do note that there is a maximum for course registration allowed per semester:
- Full-time students: Up to 5 courses (15 AUs)
- Part-time students: Up to 3 courses (9 AUs)

Also note that there is a minimum and maximum candidature:
- Full-time students: 12 months to 30 months