Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI)


Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence (LOA) is taken when a candidate is unable to continue his studies for a short period of time. All applications for LOA are subject to the School’s approval. The candidate is allowed to continue his studies after the leave period.

Request for leave of absence must be submitted at least 7 working days in advance of leave. Reasons for application must be clearly indicated with relevant supporting documents attached.

Students who are not attending classes and not working on their project are advised to apply for leave of absence. Otherwise, they shall be liable for full tuition fees.

Students who are granted leave of absence after having attended lessons for more than 2 weeks of the term shall be liable for tuition fees for the entire term.

For each term of leave granted, the student will be liable for an administrative fee.

After the leave period, you are required to contact your Programme Administrator immediately.

The maximum period of LOA allow is (1) academic year for each application.

Note that LOA is counted towards your maximum candidature period.

Leave of Absence Form​