Double Degree in Business (with specialisation in Business Analytics) & Computer Engineering/Computer Science

Singapore’s unique strengths of having a strategic location, competent workforce, and pro-business environment make it well positioned to be a base for corporations to expand their operations in the region and embrace globalisation. Singapore’s modern economy is increasingly defined by the development of knowledge-based industries such as information technology services, financial services, and business services. Even traditional industries such as hospitality, retailing and manufacturing now use information technology intensively to make data-driven decisions that improve their operations, revenue and profits.

In NTU, the School of Computer Science and Engineering and the Nanyang Business School have come together to design two hybrid undergraduate Double Degree programmes: Business and Computer Engineering, and Business and Computer Science to capture this changing economic landscape.

The double degree programmes integrate two disciplines thereby broadening your scope and enable you to leverage on a kaleidoscope of opportunities. Structured in a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum, the 4-year undergraduate programme allows you to hone your business management skills and excel at software application or computer engineering and development skills. Designed to suit the speed and efficiency of outstanding individuals who want two degrees from four years of university education, our double degree programmes are set to fully maximise your capabilities. Not only will you have a strong foundation in business and computer engineering or computer science disciplines, you will also have the relevant skills that are much sought after in today’s job market.

With a double degree, you can be assured of wider career options upon graduation, as you would possess the flexibility and versatility to take on dual roles when responsibilities intertwine. This mix of business skills and technical knowledge will definitely give you a competitive advantage when you graduate. The programmes consist of a well integrated and thorough curriculum merging business and computer engineering or computer science courses.

You will be introduced to the basics and the combined application of each field, in key industries such as financial services, engineering, consultancies, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism and retail. The programmes offer around 50 courses that constitute elements of each degree, as well as a range of broadening electives that will supplement your course of study. In addition, you will engage in research projects such as Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP) and the Final Year Project (FYP) that will further strengthen your problem-solving capabilities and communication skills.

You will have the opportunity to embark on an 8 to 10-week Professional Attachment in key industries. This attachment will require you to apply your knowledge and skills on real-life issues that organisations face on a daily basis. To give you a head start in career building, you will be required to complete two Career Foundations courses that will teach you the fundamentals of writing effective resumes and cover letters. You will also pick up useful tips on grooming, interviewing skills and job search strategies.

The graduates of our program are well-placed and have typically joined leading information technology firms, management consulting firms, or financial institutions. Current employers of our alumni include, Oracle Corporate Singapore, Ernst & Young, PwC, Thomson Reuters, Procter & Gamble, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and Julius Baer.

Bachelor of Business (with specialisation in Business Analytics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)​

Bachelor of Business (with specialisation in Business Analytics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)

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