Logic Analysis System:
1 set Agilent 16802A 68-channel Logic Analyzer
2 sets Agilent 1673G 34-Channel Color Logic Analyzer with pattern generator option.
1 set HP16603A 68 Channel Logic Analyzer, HP16522A Pattern Generator (200 MHz)

1 set

HP 16500C Logic Analysis Frame
HP 16550A Timing Logic Analyzer Module(100MHz/500MHz),
HP16522A Pattern Generator (200MHz),
HP16505A Prototype Analyzer

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes:
4 sets P54645A (100MHz,200MSa/s).
1 set TDS420 (150MHz,100MSa/s).
1 set HP54815A (500MHz,1GSa/s).

1 set

TDS754C (500MHz,2GSa/s).

Dynamic Measurement DC Source:

2 sets

HP66312A for supporting of dynamic measurement and analysis of voltage and current.

Data Accquisition Modules:
1 set PXI-5102 DAQScope (15MHz bandwidth, 200MSa/s) inclusive of LAB VIEW full development system software.

Function/Signal Generators:
5 sets HP33120A with support for arbitrary waveform generation.
1 set R&S SMBV100A, Vector Signal Generator.

Network/Spectrum Analyzer:

1 set

HP4395A Function Generator for providing vector network, spectrum and optional impedance measurements.
1 set R&S FSL3 9KHz-3GHz can analyze signals with B/W of 28MHz.

Audio Precision Portable One Dual Domain:
1 set PIDD Audio Precision Portable One Dual Domain with Acutron Software

Emulator / Debugger:
1 set E10A USB Emulator with AUD
1 set LA7708 In-Circuit Debugger
1 set JX600J Advice POCKET

1 set

PICMaster Emulator