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Constraint-Aware Configurable System-on-chip Design for Embedded Computing, Alok Prakash. Thesis Supervisor: Thambipillai Srikanthan
Relatively Permanent Pigmented or Vascular Skin Marks (RPPVSM) for Forensic Identification, Arfika Nurhudatiana. Thesis Supervisor: Kong Wai-Kin Adams
Spatial Keyword Querying Beyond the Single Geo-Textual Object Granularity, Cao Xin. Thesis Supervisor: Cong Gao
Advanced Maximum Margin Learning Techniques for Large Scale Vision Tasks, Chen Lin. Thesis Supervisor: Xu Dong
Architectural and Algorithmic Design for Embedded Medical Imaging, Chiew Wei Ming. Thesis Supervisor: Lin Feng
Coping With Subjectivity and Dishonesty in Opinion Evaluation by Exploiting Social Factors, Fang Hui. Thesis Supervisor: Zhang Jie
A Study on Probabilistic Memetic Algorithm and Meme-Centric Framework, Feng Liang. Thesis Supervisor: Ong Yew Soon
Computational Techniques for Modeling Non-player Characters in Games, Feng Shu. Thesis Supervisor: Tan Ah Hwee
Meta-Cognitive Sequential Learning In RBF Network for Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Giduthuri Sateesh Babu. Thesis Supervisor: Suresh Sundaram
Emotion Recognition: From Physiological Signals to Affective States, Gu Yuan. Thesis Supervisor: Ng Wee Keong
Aspect-based Opinion Mining of Customer Reviews, Hai Zhen. Thesis Supervisor: Cong Gao
Multiagent Evolutionary Computation for Complex Problems, Jiang Siwei. Thesis Supervisor: Zhang Jie
HPC Simulations of Information Propagation over Complex Networks, Jin Jiangming. Thesis Supervisor: Stephen John Turner
Meta-Cognitive Learning Algorithm for Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems, Kartick Subramanian. Thesis Supervisor: Suresh Sundaram
Interactive Shape Modelling for Mathematics Visualization, Lai Danbo. Thesis Supervisor: Alexei Sourin
Scalar & Homoskedastic Models for SAR & POLSAR Data, Le Thanh Hai. Thesis Supervisor: Vun Chan Hua, Nicholas
Designing Localized Algorithms for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks: A Geometric Perspective, Li Feng. Thesis Supervisor: Luo Jun
Uncovering Individual's Mobility Patterns from GPS Dataset, Lin Miao. Thesis Supervisor: Hsu Wen Jing
Towards the Design of Robust Incentive Mechanisms to Address Subjectivity and Dishonesty Problems in Agent Reporting, Liu Yuan. Thesis Supervisor: Zhang Jie
Clustering and Heterogeneous Information Fusion for Social Media Theme Discovery and Associative Mining, Meng Lei. Thesis Supervisor: Tan Ah Hwee
Tangible Images, Shahzad Rasool. Thesis Supervisor: Alexei Sourin
Intelligent High Level Synthesis for Customization on Reconfigurable Platforms, Sinha Sharad. Thesis Supervisor: Thambipillai Srikanthan
Improving the Discrimination of Near-Native Complexes for Protein Rigid Docking by Implementing Interfacial Water into Protein Interfaces, Su Tran To Chinh. Thesis Supervisor: Kwoh Chee Keong
Radio Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Sudarshan Guruacharya. Thesis Supervisor: Dusit Niyato
Effective Graph-based Algorithms for Weak Motif Discovery in Genomic Sequences, Sun Hequan. Thesis Supervisor: Hsu Wen Jing
Towards Efficient Large-scale Learning by Exploiting Sparsity, Tan Mingkui. Thesis Supervisor: Ong Yew Soon
In Network Processing for Tectonic Monitoring, Tran Hoang Ha. Thesis Supervisor: Lee Bu Sung
Solving Multi-Agent Path Planning by Local Search Algorithms, Wang Wenjie. Thesis Supervisor: Goh Wooi Boon
Variational Methods for Geometry Processing, Wu Xiaoqun. Thesis Supervisor: Zheng Jianmin
Learning with Multiple Kernels: Algorithms and Applications, Xia Hao. Thesis Supervisor: Hoi Chu Hong
Constrained Conformal/Quasi-conformal Map and Its Applications, Zhang Minqi. Thesis Supervisor: He Ying
Contact Network Based Framework for Infectious Disease Interventions, Zhang Tianyou. Thesis Supervisor: Kwoh Chee Keong
Server Provisioning for Distributed interactive Applications, Zheng Hanying. Thesis Supervisor: Tang Xueyan
Fundamental Study on Improving RFID System Operational Efficiency, Zheng Yuanqing. Thesis Supervisor: Li Mo
Temporal Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Corporate Credit Ratings, Zhong Haoming. Thesis Supervisor: Miao Chun Yan
Efficient Query Processing on Large Graphs, Zhu Diwen. Thesis Supervisor: Xiao Xiaokui


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