Faculty in SCSE contribute to teaching in the BEng (Computer Engineering) and BEng (Computer Science) programmes. They are grouped into four main research areas:

  • Faculty in Hardware and Embedded Systems mainly conduct research activities in custom computing, cyber-physical systems and computer security. They also oversee the MSc (Embedded Systems) programme.

  • Faculty in Networks and Distributed Systems conduct research activities related to Computer Networks and Communications (digital signal processing and communications, underwater signal processing, mobile communications, wireless and pervasive networks, and sensor networks) and Parallel and Distributed Computing (cloud computing, p2p systems, collaborative computing, green computing, high performance computing, modeling and simulation, complex systems, and theoretical computer science).

  • Faculty in Software and Information Systems conduct research activities in database systems, data analytics, bioinformatics, machine learning, computational intelligence, text mining, agents, and services computing. They also play a major role in offering the MSc (Bioinformatics) programme and a joint MSc (Information Systems) programme with the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI).

  • Faculty in Visual and Interactive Computing conduct research activities in computer graphics and visualisation, human computer interface, computer vision, multimedia content analysis and retrieval, and multimedia signal processing. They also oversee the MSc (Digital Media Technology) programme.