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Hey! Magazine Issue 12

Making His Marc in Sales and Engineering: There’s no point in having the best product if you don’t know how to sell it, says School of Computer Engineering graduate Marcus Cheng, who started ACCLIVIS, a computer solutions company that grossed S$15 million in its first year.

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Hey! Magazine Issue 4

SCSE's Assistant Professor Anupam Chattopadhyay, predicts that the world will face a data storage crunch in 181 years.

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The Straits Times, 10 Apr 2017, page B2​

Interview with Graduate of School of Computer Science and Engineering, Mr Chinmay Malaviya, co-founder of FoodPanda, named in Forbes' Asia's Top 30 Under 30 list.

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Hey! Magazine Issue 27

Interview with Prof Ong Yew Soon, School of Computer Science & Engineering, A professor who inspires and engages students creatively.

Hey! Magazine Issue 27

20 Singapore Scientists Mentioned in The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2015 Report

PROFESSOR ONG YEW SOON, 43, NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering
Best known for his research in artificial intelligence and data analytics, Prof Ong's work in this area has also helped develop action game Dark Dots Action, which was downloaded by over 448,000 players and named the top action game in countries including the United States and China. His work also includes developing new computational methods to design aerodynamic parts for planes to fly more efficiently.

The Straits Times , 15 Jan 2016
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