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MS YEAN SEANGLIDET (Computer Science, Class of 2015), Bharath Jayaram (Computer Science, Class of 2013)

MS ALFIE FARHANA BINTE MOHAMED (Computer Science, Class of 2018), MR PRABHJOT VICKY GREWAL (Computer Science, Class of 2018), MS ANOOSHA CHIVUKULA (Double Degree in Business and Computing, Class of 2014), SEE GHIM SHEN (Computer Engineering, Class of 2012), MR RUSSELL LOH WEIBIN (Computer Science, Class of 2018),

Interview with Graduate of School of Computer Science and Engineering, Mr Chinmay Malaviya, co-founder of FoodPanda, named in Forbes' Asia's Top 30 Under 30 list.

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Hey! Magazine Issue 27


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Hey! Magazine Issue 12

Making His Marc in Sales and Engineering: There’s no point in having the best product if you don’t know how to sell it, says School of Computer Engineering graduate Marcus Cheng, who started ACCLIVIS, a computer solutions company that grossed S$15 million in its first year.

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Hey! Magazine Issue 4