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Chair's Office

Ong Yew Soon (Professor)
BEng MEng Nan. Tech, PhD S'ton

Email: asysong@ntu.edu.sg
Room No: N4-02a-21
Ext No: 6790 5788

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Memetic Computing
  • Evolutionary Optimization
  • Intelligent Multi-Agents
  • Data Analytics

Vun Chan Hua, Nicholas (Assoc Prof) 
Associate Chair (Academic)
BE MEngSc Monash, PhD Nan. Tech., SrMIEEE, PEng(S'pore)

Room No: N4-02c-91
Ext No: 6790 4873

  • Embedded Signal Conversion and Signal Processing
  • Social Computing
  • Embedded Systems

Goh Wooi Boon (Assoc Prof)
Associate Chair (Faculty)
BSc Birm., MPhil Warw., PhD Nan. Tech., MIEEE

Room No: N4-02a-16
Ext No: 6790 4611

  • Computer Vision
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Tan Ah Hwee (Professor)
Associate Chair (Research)
BSc MSc NU Singapore, PhD Boston

Room No: N4-02c-72
Ext No: 6790 4326

  • Document Information Mining
  • Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
  • Personalization
  • Intelligent Agents

Quek Hiok Chai (Assoc Prof)
Associate Chair (Students)

Room No: N4-02c-97
Ext No: 6790 4926

  • Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • Intelligent Control
  • Fuzzy Neural Systems

Kwoh Chee Keong (Assoc Prof)
Assistant Chair (Graduate Studies)
BEng MSc(IndEng) NU Singapore, DIC PhD Lond., PGDipTHE Nan. Tech.

Room No: N4-02a-27a
Ext No: 6790 6057

  • ​Biomedical Engineering related research: particularly in medical image processing lesion identification, probabilistic inference and classification and augmented reality

Wen Yonggang (Assoc Prof)
Assistant Chair (Innovation)
BEng Univ. of Sci . & Tech. of China, MPhil Chinese U. of Hong Kong, PhD MIT, MIEEE

Room No: N4-02c-95
Ext No: 6790 6562

  • ​Cloud Computing
  • Content Networking
  • Social Media Platform
  • Green Network

Sun Aixin (Assoc Prof)
Assistant Chair (Admissions and Outreach)
BASc (Hons) PhD Nan Tech, MACM, MIEEE

Room No: N4-02c-101
Ext No: 6790 5139

  • Information Retrieval
  • Text/Web Mining
  • Social Computing
  • Digital Libraries

Cong Gao (Assoc Prof)
Assistant Chair (Alumni and Outreach)
BEng MEng Tianjin University, PhD NU Singapore

Room No: N4-02c-103
Ext No: 6790 5045

  • Geospatial, Textual, and Mobility Data Management
  • Data Mining, Large Scale Data Analytics
  • Mining Social Networks and Social Media
  • User Preference Modeling and Recommendation
  • Urban Informatics