About Us


Vision, Mission and PEOs

A leading global institution for education, research and innovation in computer science and engineering.


  • Nurturing entrepreneurial leaders through lifelong learning and research-infused education in computer science and engineering.
  • Creating innovative research solutions for challenges in the sustainable future.


Programme Educational Objectives:
Graduates from the School of Computer Science and Engineering are expected to attain the following Programme Educational Objectives [PEOs] after 5 years of graduation:

  • Competency - Competent in solving technically complex problems within the given constraints and available resources.    
  • Thinking Skills - Capable of making sound and ethical engineering decisions based on high professional standards.
  • Leadership and Communication - Demonstrate effective leadership and managerial skills within their professional sphere of influence. 
  • Attitude - Commitment to lifelong learning and engaged in professional development to keep abreast with technological advances in their field of choice