Past Chairs


Prof Seah Hock Soon

Prof Seah Hock Soon was Chair of the School (then known as School of Computer Engineering (SCE)) from June 2002 to October 2007.

Prof Seah serves as the Director for Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC), since 1 Nov 2012. He has also served as Director, gameLAB, from 2008 to 2015 and as the Protem Chairman of the NTU School of Art, Design and Media from 2003 to 2005.

As Chair, he had made significant contribution to the strategic goals and direction of the school. He reorganized the school structure, was resolute in recruiting quality staff and developed a number of new academic programmes. Two new Master degrees in Embedded Systems and Digital Media Technology were introduced in 2003 and 2004 respectively. The B.Eng (Computer Engineering) degree was accreditated at the M.Eng level by the UK Institution of Electrical Engineers in 2002 and accreditated by the Professional Engineers Board of Singapore in 2004.

Under Prof Seah’s leadership, the school introduced a new B.Eng (Computer Science) degree programme and a Minor in IT/Computing for all NTU undergraduates in 2004. The double degree programme in Business and Computing, which has proven to be highly in demand, was introduced in 2006.

Prof Seah has more than 20 years of experience in Computer Graphics and Imaging research His research interests are in geometric data modeling, image sequence analysis, computer assisted hand drawn animation, non-photorealistic rendering, virtual and augmented reality, and computer game. Prof Seah holds nine patents and is inventor and principal investigator of the commercial Computer Assisted Cel Animation (CACANi) software system.

Prof Seah was conferred the National Day Award - Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2009.