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Exchange Programme (Students)

Qian Kemao
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-09
Phone: 67906648
Email: mkmqian{at}

Notice for students:

  1. Please note that you MUST fulfil the pre-requisites for the courses of which the credits are to be transferred back from your Exchange programme.
  2. CE/CZ3004 Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP) MUST be taken in NTU.
  3. EG0001 Engineers and Society MUST be taken in NTU.


Course matching coordinators​ Subjects in charge​
A: Foundational

Anwitaman Datta
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-18
Phone: 67904855
Email: anwitaman{at}

MH1812 Discrete Mathematics
CE1003/CZ1003 Introduction to Computational Thinking
CE1011/CZ1011 Engineering Mathematics I
CE1012/CZ1012 Engineering Mathematics II
CE1103/CZ1103 Introduction to Computational Thinking & Programming
CE1104/CZ1104 Linear Algebra for Computing
CE2100/CZ2100 Probability and Statistics for Computing

B: Computer Science Core

Huang Shell Ying
Senior Lecturer
Office: N4-02b-38
Phone: 67904932
Email: assyhuang{at}

CE/CZ1107 Data Structures & Algorithm
CE2001/CZ2001 Algorithms
CE2101/CZ2101 Algorithms Design and Analysis
CE2005/CZ2005 Operating Systems
CZ3007 Compiler Techniques
CE4016/CZ4016 Advanced Topics in Algorithms
RE2006 – Engineering Computation

C: Software Engineering

Liu Yang
Office: N4-02c-84
Phone: 6790 6706
Email: yangliu{at}

CE2002/CZ2002 Object Oriented Design & Programming
CE2006/CZ2006 Software Engineering
CZ2004 Human Computer Interaction
CZ3003 Software Systems Analysis and Design
CZ3002 Advanced Software Engineering

E: Networks and Communication

AS Madhukumar
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-13
Phone: 67906272
Email: asmadhukumar{at}

CE3005 Computer Networks / CZ3006 Net Centric Computing
CE3006 Digital Communications
CE4021/CZ4021 Pervasive Networks
CE4022/CZ4022 Personal Mobile Networks
CE4023/CZ4023 Advanced Computer Networks
CE4024/CZ4024 Cryptography and Network Security

F: Architecture & Systems

Lee Bu Sung, Francis
Associate Professor
Office: N4-02b-57
Phone: 67905371
Email: ebslee{at}

CE3001/CZ3001- Advanced Computer Architecture
CE4011/CZ4011 - Parallel Computing
CE4013/CZ4013 - Distributed Systems
CE4015/CZ4015 Simulation & Modelling

G: Computer Engineering Core

Douglas Leslie Maskell

Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02c-98
Phone: 67906259
Email: ASDouglas{at}

CE1105/CZ1105 Digital Logic
CE1106/CZ1106 Computer Organisation & Architecture
CE2003 Digital Systems Design
CE2107 Microprocessor-based System Design & Development
CE3103 Embedded Programming
CE4171/CZ4171 Internet of Things: Communications & Networkings

H: Graphics and Media

Alexei Sourin
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02a-10
Phone: 67904292
Email: assourin{at}

CZ2003 Computer Graphics & Visualization
CE3007 Digital Signal Processing
CE4001/CZ4001 Virtual and Augmented Reality
CE4003/CZ4003 Computer Vision

I: Data Science and Analytics

Sourav S Bhowmick
Assoc Professor
Office: N4-02c-83
Phone: 6790 4320
Email: assourav{at}

CZ1016 Introduction to Data Science
CZ2007 Introduction to Databases
CE4031/CZ4031 Database System Principles
CE4032/CZ4032 Data Analytics and Mining
CE4034/CZ4034 Information Retrieval
CE4071/CZ4071 Network Science
CX4072 Big Data Management (no offer yet)
CE4073/CZ4073 Data Science for Business

J: Computational Intelligence

Jagath C Rajapakse
Office: N4-02a-06
Phone: 6790 5802
Email: ASJagath{at}

CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence
CE4041/CZ4041 Machine Learning
CE4042/CZ4042 Neural Network & Deep Learning
CE4045/CZ4045 Natural Language Processing
CE4046/CZ4046 Intelligent Agents

K: Cyber Physical Systems

Arvind Easwaran
Asst Professor
Office: N4-02a-27a
Phone: 6790 4596
Email: arvinde{at}

CE2004 Circuits and Signal Analysis
CE3002 Sensors, Interfacing & Control
CE4055/CZ4055 Cyber Physical System Security

L: Cyber Security
Lam Kwok Yan
Office: N4-02a-02
Phone: 67905925
Email: kwokyan.lam{at}

CE4062/CZ4062 Computer Security (System Security)
CE4064/CZ4064 Security Management
CE4065/CZ4065 Digital Forensics
CE4067/CZ4067 Software Security
CE4068/CZ4068 Application Security
CE4069/CZ4069 Concepts and Techniques for Malware Analysis

General Electives

Jagath C Rajapakse
Office: N4-02a-06
Phone: 6790 5802
Email: ASJagath{at}

CE9010 Introduction to Data Science

​​Elective with no Focus Area​

Sourav Sen Gupta
Office: N4-02b-45
Phone: 6790 4587
Email: sg.sourav{at}

CE4153/CZ4153 Blockchain Technology