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SCSE Student-Led Tutorial Group (STG) Briefing Session S2 AY19/20

Published on: 01-Apr-2020

Peer tutors and coaches for Semester 2 of the Academic Year 2019/2020 attended the Student-led Tutorial Group (STG) Briefing Session together with the previous semester’s peer tutors and coaches on 10 February 2020. SCSE Associate Chair (Students), Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai and Assistant Prof Lin Guosheng graced the session.

The Peer Tutoring and Peer Coaching Programme provides additional learning opportunity for students to improve on their understanding of the subjects and their grades via peer helping. Both peer tutors and coaches are selected from the pool of academically competent students whom underwent a short training session by the NTU Learning and Pedagogy Division on effective teaching methods & delivery.

The key survey findings and feedback for previous semester STG sessions by the student coaches and tutees were presented during the session and areas for improvement were also highlighted to the new group of tutors and coaches. This session allows the peer tutors and coaches to meet up with their respective course coordinators to network and to understand the expectation from the course coordinators for their respective STG courses.

The course coordinators would brief, guide and provide important pointers to their respective peer tutors and coaches. At the same time, it is also an avenue where the past peer tutors and coaches would share their experiences and tips with the new peer tutors and coaches.

Congratulations to the Best Peer Tutor and Best Peer Coach for S2 AY19/20 in recognition for their dedication towards the programme. The awardees were nominated by the students in the STG & Peer Coaching Programme.

The following are the best tutor and coach:
- Best Peer Tutor: Ramaswamy Arumugam (CS, Year 3)
- Best Peer Coach: Pham Nguyen Minh Thu (CS, Year 3)

From left: Asst Prof Lin Guosheng presented token and certificate to the Best Peer Tutor, Ramaswamy Arumugam (CS, Year 3) and Best Peer Coach, Pham Nguyen Minh Thu (CS, Year 3)

Asst Prof Lin Guosheng presented certificate of Appreciation to Peer Tutor, Foo Chuan Sheng (DSAI, Year 2)


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