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AI – Top 10 to Watch

Published on: 04-Jun-2018

IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2018 vol. 33
AI's 10 to Watch: The Future of AI

IEEE Intelligent Systems has long helped promote young and aspiring AI scientists via its biennial “AI’s 10 to Watch” special section. The 2018 group consists of 10 young stars who have demonstrated outstanding AI achievements. Assoc Prof Bo An, Asst Prof Erik Cambria and Asst Prof Sinno Jialin Pan are named among the top 10 young rising stars to watch in the field of artificial intelligence by IEEE Computer Society. Congratulations!

From Left: Asst Prof Erik Cambria, Assoc Prof Bo An and Asst Prof Sinno J. Pan

- Bo An has made fundamental contributions to the field of multiagent systems, particularly involving game-based algorithms for physical security, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

- Erik Cambria has championed a multidisciplinary approach to natural language understanding that aims to bridge the gap between statistical natural language processing and other disciplines – such as linguistics, commonsense reasoning, and affective computing—necessary for understanding human language.

- Sinno J. Pan is a pioneer in the field of transfer learning. He has helped lay the early theoretical foundations and develop practical algorithms for transfer-learning techniques with diverse real-world applications.

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Article courtesy of IEEE Computer Society

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