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NTU is one of the top Universities in the World to Study Artificial Intelligence

Published on: 28-Jun-2018

Analytics Insight, 23 May 2018
Top Universities in the World to Study Artificial Intelligence

If you are aspiring to study and conduct research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), I have made a precise list of some world-class universities that offer either or both Undergraduate & Graduate degrees as well as research opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
2. Carnegie Mellon University(CMU), USA
3. Stanford University, USA
4. University of California, Berkeley, USA

5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Nanyang is an autonomous research university in Singapore. In January 2018, the president of NTU, Professor Subra Suresh, announced his plans to transform NTU into a smart campus with tech-enabled solutions for better learning/ living experiences.

For Asian students, Singapore’s NTU is definitely a viable option to study closer to home. NTU is pushing the frontiers of AI with their research labs at the smart campus. NTU provides an Undergrad Bachelor of Science in Data Science & AI. It is a full-time 4 years direct honours BSc Degree. This programme strikes a balance between Computer Science & Mathematical Sciences.

Research Labs & Centers –

- The Computational Intelligence Lab (CIL) conducts R&D in AI that addresses both low-level biological processes and high-level cognitive functions in the human brain.

- Data Science & AI Research Center – Their focus lies on all 3 levels – core, applied & infrastructural level of AI.

- Multi-platform Game Innovation Center (MAGIC) – With the vision that the global game industry was expected to top $70 billion, MAGIC was set up in 2012. It specializes in various areas of tech including Game AI.

6. Harvard University, USA
7. University of Edinburgh, UK

Other Recommendations:
University of Amsterdam, Cornell University and University of Washington.

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