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​SCSE Alumna is keen on protecting Singapore's Cyberspace

Published on: 06-Jun-2017

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Ex-drug enforcement officer now targeting cyber criminals

After the recent wave of WannaCry ransomware attacks that infected Microsoft Windows machines globally, Miss Chua said she hopes the pool of cyber security professionals will grow.

She said: "Cyber warfare does not seem so far fetched anymore - it may come in the near future."

Miss Chua is in her first semester of studying for a master's degree in applied information systems at the Singapore Management University under the National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship.

Offered since 2015, the scholarship is for graduates and working professionals keen on protecting Singapore's cyberspace.

On top of her day job as a trade surveillance officer at a bank, Miss Chua attends twice-weekly classes from 7pm to 10pm.

"Initially, it felt uncomfortable going back to school again," said Miss Chua, who spent five years at CNB, where she gained an interest in cyber security.

She then left the bureau to venture into the cyber security field.

"I stepped out from law enforcement not because I lost interest in security, but because I feel that there is so much more I can do," Miss Chua said.

She admitted that "cyber security is one of the most difficult things" she has attempted to study, especially since she had minimal exposure to it during her undergraduate studies.

She has a double degree in business (with specialisation in information technology) and computer science from Nanyang Technological University.

One of the modules for her master's degree is information security, which involves cryptography - the science of writing or solving codes.

Miss Chua is not discouraged by having to learn alongside "younger and brighter undergraduates", who may have had more exposure to cyber security.

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(Published on 17 May 2017, The New Paper)

Article and photo courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd


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