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New interactive technology to help children with special needs learn better

Published on: 04-Apr-2019

(From Left to Right), Principal of Fernvale Gardens School (Mr Gerard Vaz), Principal Investigator of the i-Tile project (A/P Goh Wooi Boon), Chairman of Temasek Foundation Innovates (Prof Leo Tan)

With funding from Temasek Foundation, a team of researchers from NTU has developed a new educational tool for teachers to tailor lessons to meet the needs of students of different learning abilities. Led by Assoc Prof Goh Wooi Boon from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the team developed the interactive i-Tile learning system that incorporates purposeful movement, game-like elements and responsive audio-visual feedback. Trialled at MINDS Fernvale Gardens School, teachers observed that the inclusive i-Tile lessons were effective in increasing and sustaining student engagement in the classroom.

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