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NTU Team making an impact at ISC’20 Student Cluster Competition

Published on: 08-Jul-2020

This is the first time the ISC’20 Student Cluster Competition is held remotely (online) utilising the Supercomputing resources of National Supercomputing Center (Singapore). The competition ran from 1 June till 24 June 2020. A total of 14 teams from 11 countries participated in this international competition. Each team was required to optimised a number of application from AI-HPC application, NLP to climate simulation on the HPC resources of NSCC(Singapore).

The NTU team won the Honourable Mention award. The first time that the organisers has awarded the Honourable Mention award. This is in recognition of the stiff competition especially among the TOP 4 teams. The results is found at this URL

The NTU Team members are as follows:
- Chen Zhiwei (BCG, Class of 2020) - Captain
- Dong Yunxing (CS, Year 3)
- Yang Shenghao (CE, Year 3)
- Goh Puay Hiang (CE, Year 3)
- Zhang Shengjing (CS, Year 4)
- Su Huangyuan, SPMS
- Assoc. Professor Bu-Sung Lee, Francis – Advisor

The NTU team continue to compete and consistently rank at the TOP tier of the Student Cluster Competitions.


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