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Open House 2020 – Live Chat with SCSE Alumni

Published on: 13-Mar-2020

Despite their busy schedule at work Alumni Of SCSE, Liconln Lin, Ong Shu Wei and Stanwin Siow came back to campus to share their thoughts and ideas with potential applicants.

Their live sharing session which was live streamed on 29 Feb at 11.30am was well received. This session focused mainly on burning questions on finding jobs after graduation, transition from school or National Service to university, the evolving methods of teaching, upgrading skills, preparing for the workforce - i.e. qualities which employers look for and making right choices while grasping opportunities.

Stanwin Siow, Class of 2012, Computer Engineering
Upon graduating in 2012, Stanwin started out on the finance track at Barclays Singapore. He initially worked as a QA tester for traders before moving on to Project Management and Audit/Technology Risk roles in the bank. In May 2019, he decided to set up 11.11 Technologies Pte Ltd offering artificial intelligence software and automated solutions targeting the industrial and the IoT spaces.

Lincoln Lin, Class of 2018, Business with Computer Engineering
Lincoln Lin is currently started working as a Research Engineer in ST Engineering Electronics Info-Security this year. Prior to his current work, he has worked as a Solutions Consultant in the same company after graduation in 2018, working on the design and implementations of security operations and monitoring centres in enterprises.

Ong Shu Wei, Class of 2018, Computer Engineering
Shu Wei was one of the rare few girls who undertook the Computer Engineering programme as opposed to the Computer Science programme. Currently, she is working as an IT - Business Analyst in Ezlink. She interned at Gelmato now known as Thales) as a software engineer and during her summer she took it part in Freshman Orientation Camps and Outreach events to break the monotony.

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