Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) - Part Time


Computer Science is concerned with the efficient application of computer technology, through the design of software algorithms and data structures, design methodologies and language paradigms. The programme emphasises the practical design of efficient and reliable software to meet specifications.

SCSE’s graduates are much valued and much sought after. They are playing a key role in the careers they have started. Feedback from industry tells us that our graduates are able​ to evaluate options, recognise limitations, and solve problems using their trained abilities in a variety of work technologies.

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CZ1005, CZ2001 - HWLAB3 (N4-B1a-05)
CZ1003, CZ2002 - SWLAB2 (N4-01c-06)
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Contact Us

No. Staff/Office Contact Details
1 Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)
Email : pace@ntu.edu.sg
Nanyang Technological University
60 Nanyang Drive, SBS-01s-50
Singapore 637551

Bachelor of Engineering
Reuben Tham
Tel : (+65) 6908 1435
Email : reubentham@ntu.edu.sg

Yeoh Lok Po
Tel: (+65) 6904 2059
Email : lpyeoh@ntu.edu.sg

Semester Long Courses Tan Hui Lin
Tel : (+65) Tel : (+65) 6592 3702
Email : tanhuilin@ntu.edu.sg

Claire Wang
Tel : (+65) 6790 6672
Email : clairewang@ntu.edu.sg
2 Office of Admissions Nanyang Technological University
Student Services Centre, Level 3
42 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639815

Email: adm_local@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5792/5055
3 Academic Office
Email : scse-pt@ntu.edu.sg
4 Loke Yuan Ren (Dr)
CS Part Time Programme Coordinator
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Email : yrloke@ntu.edu.sg
5 A/P Chan Syin
CS Part Time Academic Mentor (Year 1)
Office of Professional Education
Email : ASSCHAN@ntu.edu.sg
6 Dr. Owen Noel Newton Fernando
CS Part Time FYP coordinator
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Email : OFernando@ntu.edu.sg